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Train your Ninja with Samurai, the most precise trading indicators available.

We offer a simple and powerful collection of improved technical indicators inherited from classical oscillators.


We offer a simple and powerful collection of improved technical indicators inherited from classical oscillators widely used throughout modern technical analysis. These oscillators take advantage of full intra-bar information provided by the NinjaTrader® charting package. They allow for up to four times better precision against their classical counterparts. Samurai indicators also offer a special benefit to high-frequency intraday trading, because they provide far greater accuracy on short period price oscillations.

Standard price bars on a chart typically have four channels: open, high, low and close. Many technical indicators use only one of these channels for statistical analysis. In figure 1, we illustrate the benefits of using all four channels to improve trade signal precision. This is illustrated in a simple example of the Bollinger Bands indicator below.

The screenshot illustrates a simulated intra-bar probability channel associated with the price components provided on the chart. The blue price gradient depicts the associated probability levels extrapolated from the price sample within each bar. Against this price distribution, we plot Bollinger bands calculated by the standard method against the improved price bar resolution. One can see that the bands using all of the available price information are smoother and more consistent with the price channel. In Samurai, we include the indicators in figure 1, as well as many other indicators using the same improvement principle.

Indicator Overview

Once installed, you will have a series of new indicators that are preceded by an identifier called, “Precision”. Each indicator is an improved version of its counterpart. There are 28 new indicators in total, and each indicator as compared to its classic counterpart in the Samurai guidebook. We have also included several new indicators such as the “Price Beam” heat map.

There are two types of Price Beam indicators. One is simply called the Price Beam and the other is the Price Beam Linear. The Price Beam depicts color intensity according to the Gaussian probability of decay from the median value in the price channel. Essentially this means that the normal Price Beam is more exact, but not as easy to see visually. The Price Beam Linear depicts the same decay, but according to a simple linear decay function. This makes ‘Linear’ better for visual perception, but less exact with respect to the true probability level. Specifically, it relates to a rule, which is used for coloring different levels of probability.

An example of how the four prices are distributed across price channels is represented as a Gaussian probability of decay and displayed in the image below. Here you see what looks like a Bell curve with three standard deviations from the mean. Each deviation level is composed of all four prices in each bar. This demonstrates the likelihood of price-concentration and price decay on the chart. The actual calculations in the Price Beam are somewhat more complicated, but this example should give you a general idea of how it works.

Examples of the Price Beam and the Price Beam Linear are presented in the screenshot below. Both of these indicators can be used to forecast the range of each bar and the likelihood of that range. The brighter areas of the beam correlate with standard deviation and Gaussian probability channels. This suggests that most price activity will fall in the higher intensity areas of the beam.

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You can download the Samurai Guide now. After you subscribe below, you will be asked to ‘Return to Merchant’ and directed to a page to install Samurai. Contact with any questions.






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