Fractal Finance for MotiveWave is available as a one year license for $299.95. Price includes any updates free of charge. All sales are final.



Fractal Finance for MotiveWave is available as a lifetime license for $399.95. Price includes any updates free of charge. All sales are final.




Fractal Finance for MotiveWave includes the following:

  • Fractal Predictor – Predicts prices with fractals and Chaos theory
  • Fractal Finance Indicators – Place the Fractal Predictor on any standard indicator to make it “PREDICT”
  • Fractal Forward Indicator – Predicts “TREND” strength
  • Fractal Finance Functions – Allows “YOU” to build custom systems and indicators
  • Fractal Oscillator – An oscillator we developed to forecast price waves
  • Predictive ADX, Momentum, RSI, and more – Easily built using the Fractal Predictor

Fractal Finance can be used standalone, or with other indicators and systems. All of the functions are accessible and allow you to build any predictive indicator.

Still need more info? Feel free to flip through our short intro, “What is Fractal Finance.” You can also download the PDF version if you prefer.


Need to know the “Nuts and Bolts” of Fractal Finance? No problem. We have put together this extensive presentation of Fractal Finance and how it works. You can flip through the book or download A Guide to Fractal Finance for MotiveWaveand read it at your convenience.


This looks good! But how do I trade with it?

This is a great question and we dedicated an entire manual to it. Take a look to see how the indicators work and how to use them. We have also included a few trading examples in the book. You can download Trading Manual for Fractal Finance and read it at your convenience.

From our Clients (thank you)

Steve T. from Utah – I was a little apprehensive at first, but I never heard of this forecasting method before and decided to try it. After modifying the sample trading system, I had a system with deadly accuracy. The support is great and the software better. I highly recommend it.

Tai Ji from Taiwan – Your Fractal Finance complements my neural based trading systems very well. The support is great and I look forward to trading with your software.

Chase H. from Texas – All I have to say is, “Y’all are amazing!”

We strive to produce the best for our clients and thank all of you for the kind words.

“Testimonials appearing on this website may not be representative of other clients or customers and is not a guarantee of future performance or success.”

Examples of Trading with Fractal Finance

Example 1 –

Image 1. Blue predictor (click to enlarge).

With a few quick adjustments it was easy to obtain the very tight predictor overlay in image 1. Unlike a moving average, the predicted price will not change once the bar opens. A moving average will always chase the bar tick per tick. This means that you will get chopped up if you trade the moving average in a range market.

Image 2 is a trading example from one of our clients. After placing the predictor (blue) on the chart, he took the same predictor settings and added a second predictor (green), but with a higher smoothing level. This turns the predictor into a moving average of the predictor. 

In image 2, the blue predictor is set with no smoothing (input 1) and the green predictor is smoothed over a number of bars (input 8). The effect is to create a buy or sell signal. Once you have the two predictors on the chart, you can add the Fractal Forward indicator and input the same predictor settings as the blue predictor to gauge the predicted trend strength. These can all be used in unison for trade confirmations.

Image 2. Green average of predictor (click to enlarge).

Also, look at the red predictor on the volume in images 1 & 2. The prediction is made as soon as the open of the bar takes place. This means that the red line does not move for 15 minutes until the bar is finished. So the predictor did a very good job of forecasting the volume of the bar before it ever finished. A moving average cannot do this.

Example 2 –

In image 3, you see a similar predictor combination as image 2. This time the Forward indicator, and the Fractal Oscillator are also added to the chart. The Fractal Oscillator is set to the same predictor settings as the predictor on the chart and the Fractal Forward indicator. In this case we can look for a confirmation of all three to enter a trade. All of the predictions in this case are one step ahead. More steps are easy to add by changing the predictor input.

Image 3. Predictors, Fractal Forward, Fractal Oscillator (click to enlarge).

Another strategy involves tightening the predictor further by adjusting the inputs. You can see  this on image 4 with a 30 minute chart. Take a look at where the predicted price is resting. Very rarely does the price not touch the predicted price at some point in the bar regardless of time. So one trading approach is to see if the price is far enough away from the predicted price to make a profitable trade. This requires entering the trade at a distant price point from the predictor, but toward the prediction.

Image 4. Waiting for the predicted price (click to enlarge).

Stage 1 of this trade is to pull a 30 minute chart up and place the predictor on the chart. We see that at the open of the new bar, the predicted close is at a higher price. Now all that is needed is to select an entry point far enough away from the predicted close to make an acceptable profit. In this case, 1.5 points looks pretty good, so we want an entry order at least that far from the predicted close. Therefore, stage 2 of this trade is to figure out how much you want to take out of it in profits. 

Image 5. Enter the trade (click to enlarge).

Stage 3 of the trade is to enter a long position. We choose a long position because the predictor has made a forecast of the closing price above the current price of the market. In image 5, a long order is placed with MotiveWave. After the order is filled, it is a convenient time to move on to stage 4 and enter a profitable exit target for the trade. Thanks to our handy predictor, the price is already identified for us. Simply place an order to sell the contract at the predictor price (see image 6).

Image 6. Place the exit order (click to enlarge).

In most cases, the price will reach the predicted price over 90% of the time. This will give me a 1.5 point profit. Now that the exit target is in place, you just need to wait for the order to fill to take profits.

Image 7. Collect the profits (click to enlarge).

Now you can see that the limit order was hit within the 30 minute bar and the profit was banked (see image 7). You can repeat this method all day long on various time frames. If for some reason the predictor was not hit, and the new prediction was higher, you can raise the limit order to the new higher predictor close and wait for more profits. If it was lower, you can lower the limit order or exit the market and wait for the next trade. Clearly you can see that the price was “predicted” in advance and a profit made on the trade with a planned exit order based on the prediction.

Many more trades are possible with Fractal Finance. Aside from simply forecasting your favorite indicators, you can develop unconventional trading systems just like the those described above. While this is only a small sample of what you can do with Fractal Finance, it should help to clarify how the Fractal Predictor works.

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Fractal Finance for MotiveWave is available as a one year license for $299.95. Price includes any updates free of charge. All sales are final.



Fractal Finance for MotiveWave is available as a lifetime license for $399.95. Price includes any updates free of charge. All sales are final.

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