Monday Markets

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Stock are slightly lower this morning, as traders brace for an extremely heavy week of headlines! There’s heavy debate on Wall Street about if the current rally can continue or is it simply a bull trap? In the past 30-days the Nasdaq is up over +15%, while the S&P 500 and Dow are up +13%. Large speculative bulls are hoping to see better than expected corporate earnings from some big names this week, then by mid-February U.S. corporate buy-backs will be well underway, start to kick in and provide some additional upside traction. Bulls are pointing to the fact the Fed has turned more dovish, U.S. and Chinese leaders appear to be working towards some type of compromise, and U.S. government workers are going to get paid. Most computer...

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Let’s see … How will things really look?

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I am more cautious than usual of the regular releases by the powers that be for the next couple of months. Just one obvious example will be USDA data being released as they have a lot of processing to do. I have always been skeptical of releases that say “seasonally adjusted” because to me that is simply license to bastardize the facts. Now we will hear about adjustments and revisions due to a month long shutdown of agencies that put together the numbers. By the time we begin to get “real” numbers they will be talking about “seasonally adjusted.” I’m just saying be more guarded of the releases and “knee jerk”...

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Market Report

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Stocks are slightly higher this morning on better than expected data out of Europe and some fairly strong earnings being reported here in the U.S. Many traders continue to take a “wait-and-see” approach, as next week looks poised to offer up some major headlines. President Trump was scheduled to make his “State of the Union” address, but that has been canceled and won’t happen until after the government shutdown ends, which some argue might not happen for a few more weeks. The stock market will also be eager to see headlines from another round of trade talks with the Chinese. If plans remain in tact, Chinese Vice Premier Liu will visit the U.S. January 30-31st. Reports circulating earlier this week, which talked about...

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Financial Markets Chopping You Up?

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As the financial markets twist and turn with every news blurb, the Ags still trade sound fundamentals. Wheat futures posted 5 to 8 1/2 cent gains in most contracts on Thursday. Japan purchased 111,961 MT of wheat in their weekly MOA tender from Australia, Canada, and the US.Corn futures posted 4 to 6 cent gains in the nearby contracts on Thursday. DTN’s national corn index was at $3.42 on Wednesday evening, 22 1/4 cents above last year. Soybean futures found strength after midday with most contracts closing 11 to 13 1/4 cents higher.  All the details on “Agricharts.”...

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ROXI Ends Year at All Time Highs!

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Congratulations to all ROXI traders that have been trading with us in 2018. ROXI ends the year at an all time new net high. Why not join them? As Quant Trade’s affiliation with TopstepTrader (TST) grows, so do the opportunities. TST has given us the “OK” to trade your TopstepTrader account with ROXI. This is perfect for anyone that is risk averse and doesn’t have time to trade everyday.  Trading never got easier. This is the closest thing to risk-free as you are going to get. Don’t hesitate, time is money and now you have almost nothing to lose.  You “MUST” use this link to get a TopstepTrader account! The ROXI $99/Mo. service charge...

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Daily Trading Markets Commentary

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Stocks are steady to mixed this morning as traders adjust to another Fed rate hike. Mostly as expected, the Fed raised its benchmark interest rate a quarter-point. This was the fourth rate increase this year and the ninth since it began normalizing rates in December 2015. Fed officials did however slightly lower their projection of rate hikes down to two for next year. The problem seemed to be the language from Fed Chair Jerome Powell, in the post-meeting press conference, which the market digested as somewhat mixed and adding more “uncertainty” than “clarity”, hence we sold-off aggressively the more Powell spoke. Keep in mind, the S&P 500 has now fallen for a record 7th straight Fed Day, which is a streak that began...

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