a whole bunch of stuff going on wednesday

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a whole bunch of stuff going on wednesday

Let’s see… where should we start?

MBA Mortgage Apps 7:00 AM EST

Corporate Profits 8:30 AM EST

International Trade 8:30 AM EST (Expected to widen to -76.9% from a revised -76.3)

Q3 GDP Estimates 8:30 AM EST (Expected to be unchanged at 3.5% from the first reading)

Richmond Fed Manufacturing Index 10:00 AM EST (Also Expected to be unchanged at 15)

State Street Investor Confidence 10:00 AM EST

New Home Sales 10:00 AM EST (Expected to jump to 575,000 from a weak 553,000 previously)

EIA Petroleum Status Report 10:30 AM EST

At Noon EST all will focus on Chairman Powell’s speech (I posed an opinion some time back that maybe the Fed should hold off in 2019 for a bit and let the 2018 hikes work their way deeper into the economy. That opinion hasn’t changed since there is still much uncertainty over China, Brexit, and a whole bunch of stuff that can continue to slow things down.)


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