System Service

Chaos Cruncher is available as a system service. Through our relationship with AMP futures, we have developed a service that allows us to trade your account with Chaos Cruncher. Currently we trade the e-mini S&P 500 with the Chaos Cruncher service. Signing up is easy. Simply fill out the form below and we will send you the contact information for our system support specialist at AMP Futures.


AMP White L-1740




Chaos Cruncher defined

Chaos Cruncher is the most advanced iteration of automatic trading software designed and created by Quant Trade. As our leading trading system, we have devised a way to offer it to our clients through a system service. For more information on Chaos Cruncher, please click on the Chaos Cruncher link below.

Chaos Cruncher review

What you need

You will need an account with AMP Futures. The minimum account size to get started is $5,000 dollars per contract traded. Once your account is funded, it will be a simple matter to access your AMP portal and sign a Letter of Direction (LOD) that allows us to send Chaos Cruncher trade signals to your account.

AMP Trading Account Setup

How it works

We have established a tracker account that trades live funds for us. When a signal is generated by Chaos Cruncher, a trade order will be generated in our account. Almost immediately, an order will be sent to your account which mirrors our trade signal. Based on the number of contracts that you select, an order will go to the market for that number of contracts.

You are in control

While the system service is automated, you have the ultimate control. If for any reason you want to opt out or turn off the system, it is a simple matter to do so from your AMP portal. We are trading alongside you, so we will constantly be monitoring the trade results to make sure everything is working exactly as it is supposed to be.


At only $299/mo per contract, the cost is low. The funds are transferred out of your account once per month and there is no management or incentive fee that is charged.

This exciting proposition makes it easy and efficient for anyone with an AMP account to participate in the Chaos Cruncher system service. In the event you are looking for more diversification, please feel free to try our Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA). We can diversify your account with multiple markets. The initial minimum deposit for the CTA is $25,000 dollars. Click on the CTA link below for more information about this diversified approach.

Commodity Trading Advisor

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