Power Rankings: Metals Back in Focus off Employment Data

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Power Rankings: Metals Back in Focus off Employment Data

Futures Power Rankings

Trade Rec Update: 


We showed an immediate winner with sugar last week and then the markets got wild. Beans and crude went our way and flipped around so quickly we were triggered to offset all three markets within a just a few days. Overall the strategies showed a small loss on the week.

This week we have six trade recommendations and the markets are allowing us into three of them right now: 10yr, Soybeans and Crude. All three of which are acceptable risk reward scenarios. Natural gas, Sugar and Hogs may have to wait.

Sugar and Crude oil have less than 11 days till expiration, so if you are not in by the end of trade Wednesday, cancel your orders. Consider the same with beans as they have less than 19 days until expiration.

Over all I like this grouping. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Good Trading,


Biggest Jump (+8): Silver jumped back to the top with an 8 spot rally after dropping 8 spots last week. Silver and gold benefitted from a poor jobs number on Friday, as silver took back all its weekly losses on and then some. After dropping under 14.50 on Thursday, silver surged to close the week at 15.235. The flight to safety trade seems to have come back into play, yet the rallies held even after equities finished strong.

Biggest Drop (-3): Copper and the Japanese Yen dropped 3 spots for the week. Volatility in other markets pushed these markets lower, as copper didn’t seem to get the same spike as silver and gold, but still finished strong on the week. The Yen had wild intraday moves last week, but couldn’t seem to find a direction.

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[  ] – Associated Trade Recommendation

[  ] – Market was UP
[  ] – Market was DOWN
VDO – Last Week’s Price Volatility in dollar terms; or Volatility Dollar Opportunity
              (click here for more on the VDO)
Bias – This Week’s Bias
Rank – Based on VDO
Volatility – Last Week’s Price Volatility

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