MERRY CHRISTMAS & Power Rankings: Fed Rate Hike Sends Equities to Top of Rankings

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MERRY CHRISTMAS & Power Rankings: Fed Rate Hike Sends Equities to Top of Rankings



Last week we were able to catch the move on both Cattle and Gold. Although we couldn’t double-up on the Gold due to the quick move, we were able to ride the previous week’s Put to the suggested profit level. Looking at both of those markets today, we were lucky to grab two winners when we had the chance!

Given the short weeks and thin market conditions for the last two weeks of the year, traders can look at the direction of our indicators, but I have no recommendations for the Holiday trade. Since we began the Power Rankings, it has been my pleasure to see participation and interest continue to grow. I’m happy to end the year by adding another two recommendations to the “W” column. Keep watching and stay in touch.

And keep an eye out for the next evolution of the Power Rankings.

If you have any questions or want to actively participate in the Power Rankings Trade Recommendations, feel free to contact us at any time. I wish all of you the Happiest of Holidays!

And a Merry Christmas!


Biggest Jump (+5): Cattle jumped into the top 3 with a volatile trading week. Cattle ended the week limit up after reaching near term lows Thursday, and chopped around for the rest of the week. The market continues to chop around after making new near term lows, so these moves shouldn’t come as a surprise anymore.

Biggest Drop (-8): Coffee had a relatively quiet week despite being down every day. Coffee rarely drops out of the top 10 in the Power Rankings, but couldn’t pick up momentum and seemed to disregard the volatile dollar.

Other Notables: The S&P and NASDAQ both had a delayed reaction to the Fed, selling off sharply to close the week out near the bottom of this most recent trading range. The S&P seems to have found support at the 2000 level, but can’t seem to find the momentum to break 2100 again. The NASDAQ closed the week near 4500 after almost reaching 4700 on Thursday.

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[  ] – Associated Trade Recommendation

[  ] – Market was UP
[  ] – Market was DOWN
VDO – Last Week’s Price Volatility in dollar terms; or Volatility Dollar Opportunity
              (click here for more on the VDO)
Bias – This Week’s Bias
Rank – Based on VDO
Volatility – Last Week’s Price Volatility

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