Fractal Suite

Fractal Indicators and Trading Strategies for Bloomberg Professional

The Fractal Suite is an institutional level trading tool box and strategy module designed for the Bloomberg terminal. This advanced module contains price and volume predictors, forward looking statistical models, a strategy module that offers trading signals, and a backtesting engine.

The Fractal Suite is designed for all styles and time frames of trading. The Fractal Suite may be used with futures, stocks, and forex markets. The Fractal Suite tools may also be used for options trading. The Fractal Suite is what is commonly referred to as a “Gray Box.” All of the module’s inputs are open to manipulation by the user.

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While the term fractal is used to describe the suite, it is not limited strictly to fractal statistics. Many of the indicators are a hybrid of proven statistical methods that have been improved through the use of nonlinear fractal measurements. In fact, the term fractal was coined by Benoit Mandelbrot to mean fractional. A fractal is most commonly described as an object or measurement that has individual parts self-similar to the whole. We take this approach to measure market data and returns in forecasting models that can be used as trading tools. This Fractal Suite is a compilation of fractal tools that can be used to improve trading results.

Video tutorials:

Fractal Suite – Introduction

Fractal Suite – Fast Forward Trend

Fractal Suite – Dynamic Entry Markers

Fractal Suite – Entry Markers

Fractal Suite – Predictor Confidence

Fractal Suite – Predictor Flag

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Fractal Suite – The ARC Trend

Fractal Suite – The ARC

Fractal Suite – Parametric Channels

Fractal Suite – Trading Channels

Fractal Trading Signals – Trading Signals

Fractal Trading Signals – Strategy Building and Backtesting

The Fractal Suite comes with a built-in strategy module. The strategy signals are easily activated and can be combined to produce a large number of trading strategies. The strategies themselves are based on the indicators in the Fractal Suite. Once you create a strategy, you can test the results by using the external backtesting engine. After you are satisfied with your strategy, you may trade it by simply following the entry and exit indicators on the chart.

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Four major strategies are included with the strategy module, but users are not limited to only four strategies. The four strategies can be used together or with the attached filters, profit targets, and stop loss settings to create a large number of strategy combinations. These strategies can then be tested in the backtesting engine by simply copying the trade signal data from the data table and pasting the data into the backtest engine. This is explained in detail in the video that is linked to:

The strategy pack in Fractal Suite utilizes all of the indicators in the indicator package.The Fractal strategy takes the methodology described in the indicator section of the manual and automates it. We will demonstrate how to build a strategy based on the inputs from the indicator section. Dialing in the strategy is a subjective process that will change with the desires of the end user. Examples of strategies that we have created are available through Quant Trade Technologies, Inc.

Fractal Strategy module is the exact superset of Fractal Suite indicators. It includes all parameters found in Fractal Suite and extends it with additional control setting parameters that are specific for the strategy.

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