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For years, investors have been using linear indicators to trade the markets. Now find out why Chaotic indicators naturally predict prices better than any linear indicator can. Once you see how they work, you will know why these are the only indicators that you really need.

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The problem with “standard indicators” is that they assume that a market acts like a bell curve. Anyone that has ever traded for any length of time, knows too well that markets do not follow the law of averages. The reason these indicators always break down is that they are using straight lines to measure dynamic, natural (man-made) systems. An easy way to think about this is to imagine a wave on the ocean. Now think about the wave curling over. Holding that thought, try to measure the wave in your mind’s eye with a ruler! As a trader or investor, you are doing the exact same thing when you trade with standard, linear trading indicators.

In an effort to find a better solution, we here at Fractal Finance have searched, developed, traded, and investigated non-linear trading indicators for almost two decades. What we discovered came from an unexpected source, biology. It turns out that two scientists, George Sugihara and Robert May have been searching for the same thing we have. The difference is that they wanted to forecast the salmon population, not financial markets.  Strangely, the method they discovered uses Chaos theory and works well with just about any non-linear system.  The great thing about this method is that it makes no assumptions about what it is modeling and doesn’t need a formula for the system. In other words, if we think of the market as the system, we can forecast its movement without knowing what makes it move. All that we need is the observed prices.

This fascinated us, and we began working on a version that is designed for the financial markets. Using the MultiCharts trading software, a concerted effort was made to translate the price data into a form that allowed us to discover the hidden fractal attractor. A fractal attractor can be thought of as a geometric representation of how price fluctuates in a trading market. Normally it is hidden to the casual observer, making markets look random at times. The key here is that once the fractal attractor is discovered, we can use it to forecast price movements.

To our pleasant surprise, we built just what we wanted. An indicator set that predicts prices by discovering the hidden fractal attractors in the market. After a long series of tests, we jumped on it and started trading in the real markets. Additionally, we built a number of automated systems to trade using this new technology. One is called ROXI and the results can be observed HERE. Needless to say, we are all very happy and decided to share our discoveries.

In an effort to spread some knowledge and exchange trading ideas, we have made our indicators available as Fractal Finance. This indicator set comes with a Fractal Predictor, a Fractal Predictive Moving Average (FRAPMA), an indicator for measuring Open, High, Low, Close predictions with one number (Fractal Forward), and an error oscillator.  As an added bonus, Fractal Finance comes with an open source trading system that you can use out of the box or modify at will.  All of the functions are also accessible for any custom trading system you design.

There may come a time when we don’t want Fractal Finance in circulation anymore, but for now, it is available for MultiCharts software. If you don’t have MultiCharts, don’t worry. We have secured a deal for you worth $150 dollars on any new lifetime license order. Just click here to go get it.

We hope that you will enjoy Fractal Finance as much as we have. Please feel free to download the eBook if you are interested in more details about Fractal Finance.

Need Fractal Finance for another platform? If so, simply CONTACT US and specify which platform you use. Because of the time and resources required to dedicate to a platform translation, we do request a payment in advance and a reasonable translation period. After you CONTACT US, one of our friendly staff will get back to you with details.

No time to trade for yourself? We have a solution. Our ROXI trading system is built on the same Fractal Finance technology found in the indicator set. Open an account with one of our preferred brokers and we will auto-trade for you. More information is available here.

Fractal Finance is available as a plug-in for $655 dollars. This is a lifetime license that includes all of the items listed above. Each installation is prepared separately, so please allow up to two business days for delivery. Thank you.

Fractal Finance comes with the following:

  • Fractal Predictor
  • Fractal Predictive Moving Average (FRAPMA)
  • Fractal Forward Indicator
  • Fractal Finance Functions
  • Error Indicator

As an Added BONUS

  • Fractal Finance includes a pre-built trading system based on our ROXI trading system.
  • This system can be adjusted for your personal risk/reward preferences.
  • Comes with open code so you can custom tailor the system to your liking.

All of this can be yours today!


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1) Sample System One

2) Sample System Two

Just a small example of what you can do with Fractal Finance

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