Chaos Cruncher

Intraday trading system available as a system service

Chaos Cruncher is the most advanced iteration of an automatic trading system designed, developed and used by Quant Trade. As our leading trading system, we have devised a way to offer it to our clients as a system service through our partnership with Icon Alternatives

Chaos Cruncher is a revolutionary trading system. It has all of the features an investor wants including self-healing properties, maximum profit potential, and risk mitigation. It is not low latency dependent, which means that the trades are not competing against complex high frequency trading hardware and architecture. We run Chaos Cruncher on a low latency infrastructure to secure the best fills for our clients. This is truly a unique investment opportunity.

The Chaos Cruncher Program is a proprietary trading strategy that is systematic and technical in nature. The program borrows from the modern science of Chaos theory, Complexity theory, Fractals and Bi-variate statistics. These modern theories have been refined into a trading methodology tempered by real world trading experience in electronic markets. The System is completely statistical and quantitative. The parameters are preset before trading and the orders are automatically executed. This process isolates the program from the emotional whims of traders.

With your participation in our System Service Program, Quant Trade is able to fully automate Chaos Cruncher trading signals on your behalf. Getting started is easy. Just open an account with a minimum of $5,000.00 dollars and sign a letter of direction. Our experienced staff can walk you through the paperwork and have you ready to trade in under 15 minutes.

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