Chaos Barometer of the Market Equilibrium

In physics, any thermodynamic system evolves to approach a state with maximum chaos. Markets are not different in this respect. Stable trends characterized with decreased chaos rarely last long. Normally, they quickly dissipate into undetermined high volatility conditions due to combined actions of market participants.

Chaos Barometer reveals these market dynamics while providing an original alternative estimate for a flat and trendy market. These estimates principally differ from all standard estimates known in technical analysis because they rely on completely different principles of calculation borrowed from chaos theory and fractal geometry.


Chaos Barometer selectively measures chaos inherent to momentous price oscillations within a given sliding window of measurement. CB separately attributes a measure of chaos associated with up and down trend movements in relationship to the price. It further watches the balance between prevailing chaos in either an up or down trending state.

In conclusion this package is a perfect complement for fundamental and technical traders alike that analyze a number of markets and strategies while wishing to improve their entry and exit positions.


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